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What is Desktop.ini on the desktop?

If you have shown hidden files enabled then it might be more then possible you one day see this file appear on your desktop, especially after re-installation Windows and copying the old configuration during the installation process.

What does this file do?

This file saves the configuration and customization of a specific folder, in this case the desktop folder. Some examples of data saved within this file:

  • Custom Folder Icon
  • Size of buttons
  • List type
  • and so on..

Can I delete this file?

The simple answer is [symple_highlight color=”green”]yes[/symple_highlight], however Windows might try to rebuild them if it needs to, in most cases however this file will stay away forever. Be aware that of course all configuration and customization of the specific folder is lost!

Example of Content

If you curious what’s in the file, this was in the file of the screenshot for this post:


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