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What to Watch Out in Videos on the Internet?

Several streaming services are gaining massive popularity across the globe, some of which include Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Hulu, and YouTube. Some users prefer to download videos from these websites and watch them on the go. Streaming and downloading any video can increase your chances of experiencing data breaches and device malfunction.

Any user is compelled to spend more time online when watching or downloading videos, increasing their vulnerability and urging cybercriminals to steal their data. While this is not always the case, ensuring maximum protection is of utmost importance. Here is how you can download and watch videos with ease while ensuring maximum safety.

Use only Reliable and Secure Sites to Stream and Download

Needless to say, you must check the websites before you stream or download any video. While every paid site or source such as Netflix or iTunes stores are usually secure, downloading videos from a free site isn’t always safe. The download source and software should be reputed and reliable. When you come across an unsafe site that offers free downloads, your web browser may block the site by displaying a full-page notification pop-up.

However, rely on your research before you take a step. One way to check a site’s legality is by scrolling down and finding the ‘Contact Us’ page. If it shows proper addresses, phone numbers, or other signs that ensure its legitimacy, you are good to go. Do not download any video or attachment from an unknown email address.

Streaming and Looping Videos

While downloading videos can be risky, streaming them can also pose a threat to your device and personal information. Subscribe to a reputable and secure streaming service that provides multiple layers of protection, such as stream lock encryption, password-based source, and SSL encryption. While optimizing your streaming experience is one thing; you should also learn the right way to protect yourself online.

If you love a music video on YouTube and wish to listen to it on repeat, you can play the video on a loop by installing a reliable youtube loop extension on your browser. Once it is installed, your YouTube player will show a Loop icon. Click on it to watch or listen to your preferred video on loop.

Keep Your Web Browser and Operating System Updated

By installing the latest browser and operating system updates, you can secure your browsing and streaming experience with the debugged security fixes. While most web browsers are programmed for automatic updates, keep a check on the latest updates just to be sure. For instance, if you are using Google Chrome, go to Menu > Settings > Update. It will take a few seconds for your browser to complete the process.

Your device’s operating system should also be updated regularly to keep it secure and avoid loss of valuable information. Just like the security fixes on any web browser ensure safe streaming, updating your operating system will keep malicious files from corrupting your device. Even though this trick will not provide complete security to your device, it will certainly add a protective layer.

Check the File Extension of the Video

At times, the extension of certain video files can also tell whether it is safe to download or not. Files with .scr and .exe as extensions are considered unreliable and malicious. If a trusted site provides the file, contact the service provider, and scan it once before you open it.

Install Antivirus Software

Another way to ensure safety when downloading a video file is to scan it for viruses. Upon right-clicking on an unknown file, your antivirus software will alert you in case any viruses are detected. You may also be directed to open the software and check the file before you can download it. Once done, check the file by running your antivirus software as an extra safety measure.

Backup the Important Data on your Device

If you do end up downloading a malicious file, you must ensure data safety by backing it up in multiple locations. Failing to do can result in a loss of personal data, important contacts, files, documents, and images. At times, the effect is irreversible, causing permanent loss of data. Upon detecting a virus, reset your device and take multiple backups of every bit of information on your device.

These tips and tricks will provide you with a smooth and enjoyable streaming experience. When it comes to downloading videos, you must not take any risk, as it can cost you a lot of money and put your sensitive and important data at risk. Luckily, these safety tips will also help you keep your device protected.

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