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What You Need If You Want To Start Creating 3-Dimensional Models Right Away using Windows 10

As one of the most innovative technologies, 3D modeling and rendering have taken over and reshaped several key industries by transforming their processes and products. If you are seeking to step foot into the world of 3D technology, there are some essential requirements to meet besides the all-important spatial awareness and a deep desire to learn.

The Right PC  

3D modeling tops the rank for one of the most demanding tasks a PC could perform. That makes it pertinent to have a computer that meets the requirements of running 3D modeling software. Choosing a PC to design 3D models renders it crucial to ensure some particular elements are in place to get reliable performance and the desired results. While we are aware that choosing a PC customized to meet specific needs can be a daunting task, we have underlined the fundamental specifications a computer must meet to run a 3D modeling program smoothly.

Central processing unit (CPU)

Processors are incredibly vital as they are the brains of a PC. Since 3D modeling relies heavily on it, you must have a CPU with a superior clock speed and multiple cores. 3D software takes quite some power to run, therefore having a high processing speed is critical to get optimal performance out of it.

Without a CPU that is compatible to run 3D programs, even the simplest of tasks can lag and take ages to load, let alone complex tasks. As a minimum requirement regardless of your skill level, choose a PC with an Intel or AMD processor, as these are the most common and reliable CPU brands. You would want no less than a Core i7, as choosing the right processor will guarantee seamless workflow and time efficiency.

Graphics Processing Unit (GPU)

Besides a strong CPU, the right 3D modeling laptop will also need a suitable graphics card to enhance your experience with the chosen 3D modeling program. A compatible GPU will significantly reduce the processing time of these highly demanding tasks and eliminate any lagging. The leading GPU brands are AMD and NVIDIA. It’s good to aim for a minimum of 6GB of memory in a graphics card.

RAM and Storage

While 3D designing does not necessarily need a large amount of storage space as filmmaking and gaming do, it would be preferable to choose a laptop with at least 8GM RAM and 256 GB SSD. Though RAM and storage should not be one of your biggest concerns as most modern laptops come with enough storage to run 3D models. Also, you can expand them should the need be.

3D Modeling Software

Whether you are looking to design 3-dimensional models out of interest and learn a new skill or want to incorporate it into your business process, artists need to use special 3D modeling CAD software. There is a wide range of such programs available today. Some are free, while some are available only after purchase. Each program has a different interface designed for various uses. Whether you want to make 3D models of a building project, animated characters, or game models, there’s software out there to fit all purposes and budgets.

The complexities of 3D modeling can be daunting for many. While there is an abundance of 3D programs to choose from, we have rounded up some of the most common user-friendly 3D programs to help you get started right away.


Boasting a robust toolset and capable of producing high-quality assets and animations, Blender is an open-source 3D program that offers modelers and artists free downloadable software. It has a wide array of free features like modeling, animation, simulation, rendering, and more. For a beginner, Blender is an excellent starting point to get to grips with 3D modeling. While it does not come with a price tag, the software can produce models on par with any other industry-leading 3D modeling software.


SketchUp is another easy to use software and a powerful tool if you are seeking to incorporate 3D modeling into your architectural, interior designing, or landscaping work. Its user-friendly interface makes it the perfect 3D software for beginners, and all you need is an internet connection to access its tools and start designing models. With its highly impressive 3D visualization tools, SketchUp gives a realistic view of the actual project and renders you to transform simple drawings into visually appealing 3D presentations that are bound to impress any client.


An excellent choice for both beginners and professionals alike,  Cinema 4D is the way to go to meet all your motion graphics, visualization, and illustration needs. Capable of creating stunning 3D graphics, Cinema4D offers an easy learning curve with its flexible interface and is widely used in the movie industry to create animations due to its ability to generate impressive results. With its fantastic set of features like motion tracking tools and user-friendliness, Cinema4D is the ideal choice for designers and artists looking to breaking into the 3D modeling and rendering industry.

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