What’s the “Coming Soon” button in Office?

You’ve might have seen it yourself. A new button in office called “Coming Soon” but what is it? 

The button let’s you enjoy the upcoming updates (or experiments) Microsoft is planning to Microsoft Outlook, Excel, Word or any other Office 365 application. It’s a recent addition to it’s platform and it’s quite a cool one.

If you for example (at the time of writing) click on the button in Outlook than you’re entire experience will really change. The ribbon design (the tabs) will change to a single small stroke (a bit more like in the past) and all forms; like a new email, appointment or task will change dramatically. 

Lets take a look at a new mail for example. As you can see the old style has been around for a long, long time. While the new style looks quite the same it’s just a bit more modern and fresh giving it a more Windows 10 look than a Windows 7 look.

So what does Microsoft have in it’s pipeline for the future? We won’t know right now but using the Coming Soon feature of the new Office products we will find out first. Also, if they enable coming soon than you might be quite sure that it’s stable and safe to use!

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  1. How do I remove that “coming soon” button in Outlook? I want it GONE before it changes what I happen to enjoy as is.

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