Windows 10: Intel Rapid Storage Technology driver is incompatible

There have been quite a lot of reports lately that users are experiencing troubles when trying to update Windows 10 to the latest version. User report receiving the message that the Intel Rapid Storage (RST) is incompatible with the latest update.

In this short article we will help you to solve this issue. It seems to work for most people but we can’t of course promise it will work for you too.

Rename the IASTORAC.sys driver

Editing drivers can cause system corruption. We suggest you create a system restore point before continuing this article.

The problem is beign caused by an older version of the IASTORAC driver on your system. We will guide you on how to disable (in this case rename it) to help you get the update rolling.

  • Go to your Operating System drive. In most cases this is the C drive. However you can also recognize it with the Windows flag

  • Then go to the Windows folder, then go to the System32 folder and then go to the drivers folder. Do not move, change or delete files in these maps without beign instructed in this article. This could damage your system (Windows installation).
  • Find iastora.sys and right-click it, then choose rename. Rename the file to iastora.old.
  • Reboot your system and then try again.

The Windows update should now install. We suggest before you do these steps that you make a system recover point of your system, so if anything goes wrong that you can easily go back to the point before the changes were made.

In this article you can read how to make a System Restore Point.

We hope that this article helped you and that Windows Update is once again working for you.

Thanks for reading, if you need more help then feel free to comment below.

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