Windows 10: Problem with Wireless Adapter or Access Point

In this tutorial we will explain how you can solve issues that can cause the error message “Problem with Wireless Adapter or Access Point” in Windows 10.

We will begin with some basic troubleshooting and then move on to some more advanced techniques of troubleshooting in the hope of solving your issue.

Let’s get started.

Troubleshooting: Problem with Wireless Adapter or Access Point

Removing the Wireless Network Profile

Method 1: Through Network List

1. Open the list of available networks by clicking on the network icon in your task bar.

2. Locate the network name on the list and right-click or press and hold on it.

3. Click or tap “Forget this network” to delete the profile from your computer.

4. Once done, reboot your device and then reconfigure the connection to the network.

If you still receive the error or you cannot remove the wireless network profile using this method then read method 2.

Method 2: Through Command Prompt

1. Press Windows key + X, select Command prompt (Admin) to bring up elevated Command prompt.

2. In Command prompt type the following (Replace Wireless Profile Name with your profile name):

netsh wlan delete profile name="Wireless Profile Name"

3. Press the enter key and reboot your device, once done reconfigure your wireless network profile.

If you are still unable to connect to your access point or you still receive the error “problem with wireless adapter or access point”

Clean boot your device

Something else, like a service might be causing problems on your system. This can sometimes be solved by clean booting your device.

Refer to this post on WindowsInstructed on how to clean boot your device in Windows 10.


If after all these steps (and when you have rebooted after clean booting your device) you are still unable to connect to your access point or still receive the error  “problem with wireless adapter or access point” then visit our forums where we will assist you for free with any issue including this one.

Thank you for reading WindowsInstructed. We hope this tutorial helped you on how to solve your problems regarding “problem with wireless adapter or access point”

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