Windows 10 – Turn on dark mode for a specific app only

Some users want to turn on dark mode for only a specific app in Windows 10. However, they can’t find the option.

In short, it’s currently not supported to choose dark mode app by app. It’s either all of them or none of them. We suggest however that you give Microsoft some feedback and make sure they add this feature! You can do this thru the Feedback Hub in Windows 10.

There are ways of installing programs to make a certain program dark mode however we suggest you refrain from using these kinds of program because they are known to be able to corrupt your system.

Once Windows 10 supports this feature and we hope soon we will update the article.

Do you know that quite a lot of programs have dark themes built-in? Programs like:

  • Visual Studio
  • NotePad
  • Microsoft Office Word, Excel and so on
  • VLC
  • Chrome (through Extensions)
  • FireFox (through Extensions)
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