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Windows 8 Free Security Applications


There are thing in life that are almost to good to be true. The sun for instance can make us feel warm and it gives us light during the day. And how about Shooting stars, Hugs and the incredible beauty that surrounds us if we just took the time to look once in a while? And let’s not forget WindowsInstructed! What does al these random thing have in common? They are all completely free! You don’t have to pay a cent to enjoy them and on that bombshell (kudos’ for who get the reference here) let me introduce you to this list. I have spent the last month (night after night) to try to create an almost complete list of must have freeware programmes for your Windows computer. The Windows Instructed ‘Must have Windows 8 Free and Useful Applications’ list part one – safety. But please, do feel free to contact me if you have a great app that I might have forgotten.

To make all the information as easy and accessible as possible, they have been divided into multiple pages. It aren’t that many pages, but if you don’t really feel like going to all of them, the content of all the pages is

  1. The Best Free Anti Virus
  2. Must have Freeware Malware Removal
  3. Firewall Apps for Free
  4. Security Software at no cost

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