Windows Audio can’t be started. Error 0x800706cc

1. Start AVG

2. Click on Options

3. Click on Virus Vault

Virus Vault
Virus Vault


4. Locate files located in the Windows directories and restore them from the virus vault, make sure you restore launcher.exe

5. Reboot your system

If the problems still exist then please try a system restore point from before the problem occured.

Please see if the problems are gone. Please comment if this solution helped.
Special thanks to GerardoGonzález on Microsoft Answers for this solution

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  1. I don’t know how many thank you’s to write as 100’s aren’t enough. This same problem has been driving me daft for the past 5 days. I finally stumbled on your site and hey presto. I literally burst into tears and sung out loud, putting my music on, to hear it, when I got my sound, control panel and a non malfunctioned firewall back.

    The very thing that is supposed to protect you in AVG had gone OTT. I had never had this happen before. Thank you so much. You have made me a very happy person tonight and I have a much relieved Husband too.

    Take very good care and thank you for posting this information

  2. Pls help me. Huhu i cry hahaha. Indont know how to fix my audio device its still not working

  3. Hi,

    Can anyone help if i uninstalled the avg but now i installed it again but there is nothing in the virus vault. So what should i do now?

  4. REally thanks bro!! solved! =D
    i was forgetting to see this antivirus point.
    love you haha xD
    Peace, plenitude!

    1. Hey so can anyone help if i uninstalled the avg but now i installed it again but there is nothing in the virus vault. So what should i do now?

    1. Hi! I also made the mistake of delete the avg, has anyone tried this option?
      I have no the option of re install windows, so I want to trust on this.
      I will thank any information about the link : P

  5. what is the exact file name that avg sees as a virus. I retrieved all the files it found as a virus and rebooted and it was the problem but now avg found several viruses and none of them says launcher.exe. I need to know which file or files to allow and which to remove.

    1. Hello Konstantin,

      We can’t just share the vaulted file even if we had them, every installation of Windows (depending on the architecture of the system, update history, and version) has very different system files. replacing them with ones from another system can cause instability and render your system unbootable. WindowsInstructed therefor decided that we will never share any system file.

      Hope this helps you

    2. Hello Konstantin,

      Thank you for your reply. You could try and seen if DISM or SFC can fix this however in most cases a reinstall was needed

      We have articles on how to do DISM and sfc just search for the in the search box on the right side

      Please let is know which solution you tried and the results this could help other people with the same issues

  6. Hello sir, i got some problem that my Audio Service isn’t running. unfortunately, i had been restored all file from AVG’s virus vault and uninstalled it. Can you explain more specifically, please? because i’m not really understand about the computer. Thank You

  7. Can somebody share vaulted files, especially launcher.exe? I’s really necessary for all guys that lost AVG vault. Thanks.

  8. Thank you for your answer it was much longer than the technical answer and with my full name?????, if you are happy to write my full name it is ok for me.

    I know the sfc and other solutions mentioned here looking for a real solution, refreshing os always works but it is not the best solution, it is the last one whenever there is not any other options, i prefer to look for more option instead of killing my os.


    1. The problem Mahsa is that when system files are damaged and there is no way to restore the orginal ones the only option you have left is SFC. If that does not work then a refresh (which keeps all your documents) can only solve your problems. I know it’s not the solution you like to hear, but to my knowledge there is no other way.

    2. Could someone please be so kind and share the filenames that AVG vaulted. I would need them as I cannot find them in my vault anymore

    1. Hello Mahsa, We at WindowsInstructed provide our services for free just to help everyone find the solutions for their problems, this costs us much time and we do our best to help individual people with their problems as well like you Mahsa.

      Now, Your system files are damaged and need repairing, if SFC did not work (typ SFC in search box on the right side, we have an article about it) and Refresh did not work then the only option is a reset or even a clean install using the Windows disc, since all system files need to be restored to their orginal state which cannot be done any other way.

      Hopefully this answer satisfies you,

  9. thnx. for reply.but its too late before i know what AVG has done to my system & uninstalled it before restoring windows.Also tried to restored windows after AVG uninstallation but no luck.Tried reinstalling the Audio drivers but nothing works.So pls. suggest sth to get rid of this problem

    1. You can try and refresh or reset your PC. More info on that in this article [].

    2. Hello

      The only option you have left is to refresh your system and hope that the system related files are restored, however I’m uncertain it will actually work. Reinstalling your audio drivers won’t work.

    3. pls. clear if my files n folders including my whole library will be as it is or not after refreshing & also i have heard that windows 8.1 becomes windows 8 if you upgraded from the later one.

    4. Hello

      A system refresh any and all applications on your system and their settings, however your files are not affected. Your liberary settings however are.

      So in short, all settings and programs (this includes apps) will be removed from your system, any and all files will be PRESERVED in a Refresh.

      This does not apply to a Reset, this features removes everything.

    5. i have refreshed the pc yesterday & here’s the changes:file,folders including library are as it is but u lose your 8.1 version with all updates.After all it fixed the audio drivers.So thnx.for everything to both of u.

  10. hello sir, i too having the same problem due to AVG 2015 antivirus so i uninstalled this antivirus to get fixed without going to restore the ‘launcher.exe'(as u have mentioned). as a result the audio service still not running even control panel takes 1/2 hour to open,live tiles are not working & apps are not opening on my lenovo G580 notebook wit windows hope u reply quickly

    1. You can try to restore windows before you uninstalled AVG and then follow the steps as advised by Yuri. If that doesn’t work, you can try to repair Windows

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