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Windows 10 Cancel and Remove the PIN prompt

Microsoft has introduced a short digit password to Windows, the so-called PIN. However since recent updates Windows keeps asking you to set up a pin on your device. While you might not even want it depending on your taste of security. In this short article we will show you how to remove this prompt from appearing every time you use your device.

Start Windows Defender Security Centre

The first thing we’ll have to do is to got to the Windows Defender Security Centre. You can do that following these steps;

  1. In your taskbar click on the Defender icon


  2.  Than click in the left menu on Account Protection
  3. Once in Account Protection click on Set Up under Windows Hello
    After you clicked on Set Up, Go back to the Windows Defender Security Centre and click on Dismiss under Windows Hello.

  4. The screen “Create a Pin” will appear, click on Next
  5. You will need to enter your password if your device has a password set.
  6. Once it asks you to Set Up a Pin click on Cancel.
  7. Than click on “I’ll set a Pin” later.

The message should now no longer appear on your device. We hope this article helped you trough the steps of removing the message “Set up a Pin” in Windows 10. If you need more help feel free to comment on this article and we’ll be happy to assist where possible.





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