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Windows Defender Error Code 0x80080005

The error code 0x80080005 means an Access Denied has occurred within the Security Descriptors of the Background Intelligent Transfer Service (BITS). If you experience the error code 0x80080005 when trying to Update Windows Defender or when attempting to use it, then this tutorial could help you solve this problem.

The most common reason for this error is a malware infection on the system. Therefor we first going to try to clean the system.

Use MalwareBytes to Scan your System

A reason why Windows Defender Update is not working could be a Malware Infection, let’s take a look and see it that is the case.

1. Download MalwareBytes from the original website

2. Install the MalwareBytes and then, if it asks, update the program.

3. After the program is installed and updated if necessary, run a scan by clicking on Scan Now

MalwareBytes: Scan Now
MalwareBytes: Scan Now

4. Wait for the scan to complete, depending on your system its performance this can take several minutes to hours.

5. Remove the infections from your system after the steps given by MalwareBytes and then reboot your system.

Malware Infected, Example
Malware Infected, Example

Reboot your device and look if the error code 0x80080005 is still occurring when updating Windows Defender, if it is, then read on.


Clean your System even Better

MalwareBytes should have killed any last bit of the Malware infection, however sometimes, there is something so nasty on your system that even MalwareBytes can’t detect or remove it. We suggest you follow this guide and use all the tools to clean your system


Use DISM to re-image your system files.

Open Elevated Command Prompt by following one of two methods:

    1. Press the Windows + X at the same time, then choose Command Prompt (admin)
    2. Press the Windows + W key at the same time and then type ” cmdright-click
      Command Prompt and choose Run as Administrator
  1. Then type the following command ” dism.exe  /online /Cleanup-Image /RestoreHealth ” and hit the enter  key(see image)
  2. DISM will now start scanning and trying to fix any problems it finds within the image, it’s normal to get stuck at 20% just wait patiently.

If you receive no error’s at all then try to run the Update again, if it fails then continue reading on the next page.


Refresh your System

If none of the above helped to solve your system then a refresh might do the trick, it’s really a last resort, so make sure you did everything above first.

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