10 Windows themes for this Autumn Season

Ah yes, autumn, the season of fall with the imminent arrival of chilly winds and rainy showers. Autumn is a season that often goes unnoticed as everyone’s still tired from all the summer fun. The smooth transition from summer to winter is seen by some as a gloomy period and yet by others as the end of a cycle with trees shedding their leaves and darker skies. But everyone can agree that autumn or fall has that melancholic feeling to it reminding you of that summer that is gone and the chilly winter right around the corner.

If you’re looking to liven up your desktop to live in the moment, these themes will get you just what you need. As mentioned before, autumn has a calm, chilly, gloomy vibe to it which makes it a great niche for visuals full of stunning scenery and dramatic landscapes. Not to mention it marks the beginning of the festive season with Thanksgiving and Halloween simply signaling the time for harvest and adding a bit of spooky fun to the end of the month.

These theme packs are collected from the galleries of Microsoft’s personalization gallery and other 3rd-party services where you can download themes for Windows 10, 8 & 7. From the last leaves clinging on resisting the breezy winds to the basket of fruits and vegetables from the harvest, the tiniest of dew drops on dried out leaves to jack-o-lanterns celebrating the trick or treating, the sights and scenes of Autumn brought to your desktop with just a few clicks.

You can download these Windows 10 themes directly from the links listed below. These themes are compatible with Windows 10, Windows 8 and all versions of Windows 7 except Windows 7 Basic.

Autumn Fall

The calming visuals of autumn reflect the melancholic mood of the season. Beautiful photographs depicting the fresh scenery as the golden deciduous trees all lined up as the leaves shed off. The golden maple leaves with dew drops and lots more for your desktop with this free Windows theme.

8 Images | Download

Autumn Color in Japan

The amazing sights of Japan during the autumn season. From the mossy stones filled with maple leaves to beautiful gardens, this free Windows theme brings the unique beauty of Japan like the gigantic Mt. Fuji and other elegant locations with turning leaves in the fall.

7 Images | Download

Bounty of Autumn

The bountiful riches like the fresh vegetables and fruits set decoratively in classic tableaus. Some great photographs to remind you to give thanks and be happy for you are blessed with in this free Windows theme.

9 Images | Download

Eerie Autumn

It is no doubt autumn is time of gloom with the darker skies and colder winds. With the days getting shorter, the nights seem to last forever. This free Windows theme is full of sights to bring out the eeriness of these times with misty parks, haunting moonlight and dusty cobwebs to set the ominous vibe.

8 Images | Download

Harvest Time

Autumn is the time for collecting up the harvest after a year of hard work across the fields. Some beautifully taken photographs of typical crops like grapes, apples and more. The vast fields with bales of hay and lines of wheat neatly depicted in this free Windows theme for the thanksgiving season.

6 Images | Download

Last Leaves

The last leaf has always been a sign of resilience and hope as it withers the cold breeze with all its might. With amazing photographs in exquisite detail capturing the leaves going through all colors and shapes as summer departs, fall arrives and smoothly transitions to winter. A free Windows theme for your desktop with dew drops about.

15 Images | Download

Rainy Days

Autumn is no stranger to dark skies and rainy days. An array of photographs containing the mesmerizing sights of rain drops dripping across the window, paper boats swimming across puddles and streams washing away the fallen leaves. This free Windows theme is sure to chill you out.

12 Images | Download

Swedish autumn

The amazing landscapes of Sweden made even more tranquil thanks to the arrival of autumn. Witness the fiery, vivid colors of Swedish scenery from still lakes and lone trees to hillsides with streams of lake with this free Windows theme.

9 Images | Download

Trick or Treat

Autumn marks the start of a series of festivities and perhaps nothing is more spookily fun than Halloween. This free Windows brings you the costumes and accessories to decorate your desktop for the event with the creepily cheering faces of glowing jack-o-lanterns to treats in the shapes of monsters and more.

5 Images | Download

Winter Chill

And with all the melancholic sights of autumn fading away, winter slowly creeps out from the corner. The golden landscape slowly turning white covered by the sudden snowfall, the flora freezing up from the cold with the wilted branches becoming a special sight of their own in this free Windows theme.

15 Images | Download

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