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25 Windows Themes of Popular Video Game Series

Windows themes have always been the quickest way to refresh your desktop. Though, it can get a bit boring to be seeing photographs of landscapes, places and natural sights over and over again. If you’re a gamer, surely it would be interesting to bring the worlds of your favorite video-games to your desktop. If you think so too, look no further.

Making an effort to bring some of the most iconic video-game series of all time, these Windows theme packs from Microsoft’s official themes
and themeraider.com’s Windows 10 Themes page bring the worlds of shooters, fighters and platformers to your desktop. Revisit the classic titles like Super Mario and Castlevania or get right into the explosive action of Battlefield or Crysis. Let the exotic super cars from racing games blaze through or just enjoy the visuals of iconic characters like Lara Croft. With these themes, the gaming never stops.

All the themes are arranged alphabetically for the sake of easy access. They largely contain original artwork from the games and will be compatible with Windows 10, Windows 8 and most versions of Windows 7.

Angry Birds

The massively popular mobile game featuring the birds and the pigs. Get ready to fly without wings with furious anger in this free Windows theme for Angry Birds.

6 Images | Download

Assassin’s Creed Syndicate

One of the most popular installments of the Assassin’s Creed series. Starring the Fyre twins in Victorian London as they set out to take out their newest target. Various other characters from the game as well as some cool concept art make up this free Windows theme.

15 Images | Download

Battlefield 4

Original artwork from the popular first-person shooter. The signature orange-blue illustrations depicting the various mechanics and features of the game. Starring Recker in action with the plethora of weapons in this action-packed free theme for Windows.

15 Images | Download


The classic game series with iconic characters like Dracula and Alucard. Starting with art work of the original games and bringing out the more recent work from newer games like Lords of Shadows in this free ultimate Windows theme for the beloved Gothic series.

20 Images | Download

Child of Light

Venture through the water-colored world of Lemuria in this fairy-tale of a journey. Witness Aurora’s quest as she fights to bring back the sun, moon and the stars in this free Windows theme for Ubisoft’s Child of Light.

19 Images | Download

Crysis 3

The third installment in the revolutionary game series. With original art work of the new game mechanics and weapons featuring the Nanosuit, Predator Bow and more in this free Windows theme for the game.

10 Images | Download

Disney Infinity

The massive world of Infinity filled with Disney’s iconic characters. From Jack Sparrow to Mike Wazowski, the world of Disney brought to your desktop with this free theme for Windows.

13 Images | Download


The endless list of supercars from the amazingly detailed racing game. Ferraris, BMWs, Audis and more as they blaze across the asphalt, rain pouring, rendered by the game engine. High-speed action mixed with beautiful shots in this free Windows theme.

20 Images | Download

Fable Anniversary

The much loved game series comes to your desktop with amazing artwork from Fable Anniversary. Bringing together the majestic world full of danger and adventure with these lively images in this free theme for Windows.

8 Images | Download

Far Cry Primal

The pre-historic world comes alive at your desktop. Witness the age where saber-toothed tigers and massive Mammoths roamed besides humans as Takkar and the tribes tame the beasts and use new tools to survive the wildlife in this free theme for Windows.

12 Images | Download

Final Fantasy XIV: Heavensward

The classic RPG’s online experience comes to desktop with its first expansion pack. Featuring original artwork of the main setting and characters, this free theme for Windows puts focus on the various raids and classes in the game.

15 Images | Download

Forza Motorsport 4

The beautifully rendered in-game visuals from the popular racing franchise. From the sleek chassis of exotic supercars to the finely detailed interiors and roaring engines, this free Windows theme brings the best from the highest-rated racing game of a generation.

17 Images | Download

Gears of War 3

The third installment in the Epic shooter comes to your desktop with amazing artwork by fans of the series. Interpreting the post-apocalyptic world in various visions, these winning entries from a deviantART contest make up this free Windows theme.

7 Images | Download

Halo Reach

Witness the amazing process of the conceptualization of Halo Reach. Glimpses of original concept art designed for the game brining the world and environments as envisioned by the artists in this free theme for Windows.

13 Images | Download

Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft

The massively popular online card game based on the Warcraft lore for your desktop. Filled with original art of the heroes and characters from the series as they display their skills and engage in a game of Hearthstone in this free Windows theme.

20 Images | Download


The much beloved Sackboy and group from the popular game series, LittleBigPlanet for your desktop. Watch the group put on the numerous costumes from the game as they go from movies like Back to the Future and Pixar to comics, video games and much more in this vivid, free theme for Windows.

15 Images | Download


The colorfully vivid world of the beloved MMORPG comes to liven up your desktop. This free Windows theme is filled with art work featuring Dual Blade, Evan and various other characters & creatures of the massively popular South Korean game.

10 Images | Download

Mirror’s Edge Catalyst

The return of Faith and the high-octane parkour action of Mirror’s Edge. Original art work of a younger Faith racing and jumping through the city of Glass and taking on numerous opponents in this free theme for Window.

14 Images | Download


A beautiful collection of the traditional paper-brush art style from the Okami game. The white wolf, Amaterasu going through the various game levels featuring game environments and bosses in artwork reminiscent of the game itself in this free Windows theme.

14 Images | Download

Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare

The addictive, fun game series returns with a twist for your desktop. Bringing the humorous action from both sides as they fight for victory in ferociously funny combat in this free theme for Windows.

20 Images | Download

Star Wars Battlefront

The iconic worlds from Star Wars like Hoth, Tatooine, Sullust, Endor and Jakku serve as the battlefield as the Empire and the Rebel forces engage in war. Full of recognizable characters like Darth Vader, Luke, Han Solo and the Stormtroopers as they make the most out of their lightsabers and X-Wing and TIE fighters in this explosive, action-packed free theme for Windows.

20 Images | Download

Street Fighter X Tekken

Two of the most popular fighting game series of all time come together for an explosive result. Filled with stellar art from the crossover fighter, this free Windows theme brings the splashing water effect and shadow mode of the well-known cast of fighters like Ryu, Kazuya, Jin, Ken and more.

26 Images | Download

Super Mario

Arguably the most popular and iconic video game-series of all time Nintendo’s Super Mario. This free Windows theme brings the numerous games of Mario, Luigi, Bowser and the Princess to your desktop filled with stars and mushrooms from games like Donkey Kong, Mario Bros, Mario Galaxy and the classic Mario Kart.

15 Images | Download

Tomb Raider

Undoubtedly the greatest female video-game character of all time, Lara Croft. A great collection of original art work of the Tomb Raider, right from her first adventure to the latest venture. Climb steep hills, explore ruins and take a swim with the sharks in this adventurous free Windows theme.

15 Images | Download


The cyber-world of Aiden Pearce comes to your desktop as the once thug uses his brilliant hacker skills to exact his revenge in this free Windows theme for Ubisoft’s Watch_Dogs.

10 Images | Download

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