The Windows 10 Tools That Make Your Academic Life Easier

Windows is a essential tool for anyone who is still working on their studies. After all, it is often used to write essays or to craft presentations and even take notes during a lecture. However, Windows updates their tools every so often and to be able to use them, you have to be up to date on these changes as well.

The most recent change is the upcoming switch to 2019 Microsoft Office. This latest version of Microsoft is available to anyone who has Windows 10. Unfortunately, if you have an operating system prior to Windows 10, it will not support 2019 Microsoft Office Suite.

Learning new features can be a little bit harder for some people. If you need a little bit of extra time to get used to 2019 Microsoft Office, there are services that can help you. For one, there are legit write my essay services such as Essay Pro to help you keep up with your academics while you learn how to use 2019 Microsoft Office.

2019 Microsoft Word

The 2019 version of Microsoft Word has all the same features as the previous version of Microsoft Word. So, the first thing to note about Word and other 2019 Microsoft Office applications is that you won’t be losing anything that you liked about your previous version of Microsoft Office.

The main new tool that we know will be in 2019 Microsoft Word is something known as focus mode. Focus mode allows you to concentrate on a specific part of your document and fade out clutter such as toolbars in the process.

2019 Microsoft PowerPoint

As a student, if you make a presentation, you are likely to use PowerPoint. With 2019 Microsoft PowerPoint, you can expect a few changes, especially with new animation features. Among these include a Zoom and a Morph feature which allows for a smooth animation from one slide “morphing” into the next.

You will also see improvements in the inking features for 2019 PowerPoint. This will be especially important to those who use PowerPoint on tablets and touchscreen computers. With the expansion of technology, you are likely to use touchscreen technology in the future even if you don’t know.

2019 Microsoft Excel

Microsoft Excel is one of the applications on Microsoft Office that isn’t used as widely as an application like Word. If you are studying business or certain math topics such as accounting, you are likely to use Excel frequently. If you study something more artistic, though, you are less likely to encounter Excel.

Excel is mainly changing by adding new formulas and charts. This will allow you to analyze data in different detail than you could previously. A few examples of these new features include 2-D maps and funnel charts. The newest version of Excel will also include Power BI – Microsoft’s business analytics tool.

New Additions

While we can expect to see the traditional applications in 2019 Microsoft Office such as Word, Excel, Outlook, and PowerPoint, there are also additional programs that will be present. These include Exchange, SharePoint, and Skype for Business.

Skype for Business has a rather self-explanatory name. Exchange, though, is a mail server and calendar service for businesses. Finally, SharePoint is a web-based document management platform that would allow a whole team to access projects online.


As we have seen, Microsoft has taken the aspects we loved about the previous version of Microsoft Office and improved upon them. With these changes, you can craft your academic papers, spreadsheets, and presentations in ways that you haven’t been able to up to this point.

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