Windows Update can’t find Windows 10 Anniversary Update

If Windows Update fails to find the Windows 10 Anniversary Update then there is a possibility to manually update to Windows 10 Anniversary. You can do this by manually downloading the update from as we will explain below.

Manually Downloading the Update

1. Go to and click on Update now

2. Once the program has been downloaded start it.

3. You should see this screen telling you that you are not running the latest version. Click on Update now

4. The program will then check your system and if it’s compatible with the latest Windows Update it will start downloading the update

5. If you see the screen as displayed above then there is nothing else to do. Simply wait for the update to be downloaded and Windows will then automatically apply the update to your system.

We hope this article helped you on how to manual upgrade to Windows 10 Anniversary Update. If you need more help then feel free to visit our forums where our members would love to help you further. Thank you for reading

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