Troubleshooting Windows Windows 10

Windows 10 Update stuck on “Preparing Windows”

While it shouldn’t almost never happen sometimes things go wrong when updating Windows and it becomes stuck on a certain process. While it’s annoying. being stuck on the Preparing Windows part of the Windows Update is one of the best moments to be stuck. In most cases no damage is done if you force reboot your device to get it going again.

therefore this article can be very short, hold your power button for 10 seconds till your system fully shuts down and restart it again. if you have a restart button on your device than that will do the trick as well. Once you device has restarted it will simply continue the update and it should continue to your desktop.

However, before doing those steps make sure that your device has at least been stuck on that screen for 30 minutes. Sometimes it just takes a little while to get everything sorted.

We hope this short article helps you get things sorted. If it keeps getting stuck on the Windows 10 update than check out our article here:


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