Troubleshooting Troubleshooting Windows Windows 7 Windows 8

Windows Update: The endpoint is a duplicate (0x800706cc)

1. Start AVG

2. Click on Options

3. Click on Virus Vault

Virus Vault
Virus Vault


4. Locate files located in the Windows directories (C:\Windows\) and restore them from the virus vault.

5. Reboot your system

If the problems still exist then please try a system restore point from before the problem occured.



  • Charlotte Barlow May 28, 2017

    I don’t have an options button on my avg. Is there an alternate way to get to the virus vault? thanks

  • saba June 26, 2015

    i hve uninstalled my AVG?? now is there any solution to fix it?? plz help me

    • Yuri Pustjens June 27, 2015


      If you removed AVG and you can no longer recover the file, then the only way to recover it is by doing a refresh (this will keep your files in place but will replace the Windows folder)

  • ronald June 17, 2015

    Thanks Yuri you save my day

  • Latha June 14, 2015

    Thank you for the answer., actually deleted avg then downloaded again to solve the error.

  • g3563801 May 15, 2015


  • sandy March 12, 2015

    Thank you yuri for your helpful support and great instructions here. i went into the virus vault and found the item from the date AVG removed the threat and asked it to be restored. The only thing I had to do extra was click on an overwrite (y or N) box for several of the servicedll files. After I restarted, my problem was solved. You saved me such headaches.

    • Yuri Pustjens March 12, 2015

      Always happy to hear that people’s problem got solved after reading the article 🙂 Thanks for your feedback!

  • Christopher Bell November 21, 2014

    Why can’t somebody from Microsoft of AVG just name the files, and put them somewhere for us to download them? Like MANY others, I had nothing in my vault… It’s lazy troubleshooting to suggest a restore when the issue is files that a program mistakingly marked.

  • AtWitzEnd89 October 21, 2014

    I also deleted my avg and lost the file … when i try system restore it just keeps going in-definitely and doesn’t load are you sure there is no program to just fix the audio?

  • William A. Sr. October 7, 2014

    Thank you, thank you, thank you, I had been trying to figure this issue out for 3 days! I got headaches galore from this issue. I didn’t know what had happened, just that I downloaded an update and the next time I booted up my computer, there was no sound and my google mail would not connect. I tried everything that was suggested and nothing worked. I came across your forum about the problem being my AVG 2014. I did exactly what you said, I went into the virus vault of my AVG and found the file that showed c/windows. I restored it and rebooted my computer, even though I had to do a force shutdown, when my computer was rebooted, it was music to my ears to hear the startup melody. And my google mail started back working! God thank you!

  • Hello October 1, 2014

    Due to my frustration I deleted my AVG 2014 (Free), now I can’t find that quarantined file. Tried restore point option in windows but my AVG2014 is all messed up, it doesn’t open anymore. Regedit thing didn’t work either.

    • Yuri Pustjens October 7, 2014

      Hello there Hello,

      Sadly enough many people have this problem and till now the only solution I found is that a restore does the job (By restore i ment Windows Refresh) since crucial system files are missing

  • Endrju September 27, 2014

    Still doesn’t work. When I turn on my laptop usually there was about 5 program that start but now they gone. Sound too. I try System File Checker doesn’t work. Safe mode in 3-5 ways doesn’t work. Restore, refresh doesn’t work. My computer reboot and that is all. I’ve got important data on my hard drive I can’t format my laptop.

  • Banks Technology Services September 24, 2014

    Thanks for this info Yuri. I had a client report this issue this morning and was able to resolve it using your instructions. Thanks for the help!

    • Yuri Pustjens September 30, 2014

      Thank you for your kind reply, much appreciated.

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