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WindowsInstructed has been updated!

WindowsInstructed has been updated!

Hello everyone, Welcome back to WindowsInstructed. Pepijn and myself are glad to present you the latest update to our website, regular visitors will see huge changes have been made. Below is a list of all updates I applied to the website today, please feel free to comment on them, we love your opinion.

Updates 22 june 2014

  1. The (small) homepage slider has been removed
  2. A larger but more awesome slider has been added
  3. Header logo has been reduced in size
  4. New menu items has been added, Windows 7
  5. Menu items deleted: Users, Editors
  6. BUG: Related content has been removed, it will only show once now, instead of twice.
  7. BUG: Guests and Users can now comment on posts through Disqus without the need to make an account with Disqus
  8. Popular posts have been removed from widgets; there is no need on a site like this for that.
  9. Google Authorschip has been enabled for all editors.
  10. Latest Posts now have a heading, instead of just styled <h3> text.
  11. A new newsletter system has been added, you all received a mail yesterday, It should be in your SPAM box (damn.. we need to fix that…)
  12. Share posts below table of contents has been removed
  13. Advertisements now show up in a nice clean box, instead of just…. in content.

We hope you like the updates, stay tuned for more!


See the difference!

So we began....
So we began….
New WindowsInstructed Layout
New WindowsInstructed Layout


  • Pepijn van Gastel June 22, 2014

    Looks good πŸ™‚

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