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WindowsInstructed Major Update

Hello Friends, Subscribers and Visitors

Today the 12th of May 2015 it’s a year since we first started WindowsInstructed. Over the time of the website we have had multiple themes and many of them were quite accepted by our audience however they all had one things, they were too loud, the menu’s and sidebars shouted to hard! We fixed this now, the content is key and our new design encapsulates that idea.

Over the coming few days you will notice that many articles are getting a facelift, we are going for an uniform design, to meet professional and quality standards, for too long we tought about Quanity, but Quality is way more important.

I would like to take this chance and thank you personally for visiting WindowsInstructed and using our site for your questions!

Upcoming Changes

  • Removal of certain makeup in articles
  • Articles will be broken up into multiple pages
  • Less obvious advertisements
  • Social will be more important

From Old to New

Interested in seeing how we changed? Look below! From old to new


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