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Wonderfox DVD Ripper Review

The age of DVDs is slowly fading away with more and more people buying SMART TVs, Media Centers and other devices like that. Devices that simply cannot play DVDs anymore. But you might have some family history on a DVD or a good movie you once bought and you want to watch it on your new devices. Something you could do is make a video file like avi, mkv out of it. You can then play it on those devices. This is ware Wonderfox DVD Ripper comes into view.

In this review we are going take a look at Wonderfox DVD Ripper and what it can do for you.


Like all DVD Rippers the main and most important feature is the ripper itself, and in this review we are going to take a look at how efficient it is. The program itself starts rather quickly and directly shows you what to do. The speed of the program is incredible but of course this depends on your disc reader, HDD performance and so much more but I thought it was very fast when testing the program.

The main advantage of the program is that you don`t have to find the main movie file yourself. The program detects the main file and automatically selects that one for ripping. Making the program very user friendly and direct. Ripping a movie of 1.5 hour only took 9 minutes which is quite a speed. The ripper does exactly what it says, it’s fast and works perfectly. The only disadvantage is that the free version does not include ripping to more video formats the free version always go to .mpg. For most modern devices this is no problem but there are some that don’t like this format. The program scores 8 of 10 in features would it have more export formats it would score 8.5 of 10.

Ease of Use

Wonderfox DVD Ripper has a easy user interface and is quite clear of what everything does. Like I said in Features the program automatically advises you of which files you should rip from the disc and which not.

You should not rip that!

The program also makes it very easy for the user to choose which quality should be exported. Should it be the highest possible quality? Or the lowest possible quality? or perhaps the recommended one. With a very easy slider the user simply chances the settings to whatever he prefers.

Output FormatWonderfox DVD Ripper is very user friendly and suitable for people with no computer knowledge but also for people who work daily with them. It exactly tells you the things you need to know and why you should know them. WonderFox DVD Ripper scores a 9 on 10 on Ease of Use.


WonderFox DVD Ripper is a bit of dark program which might make it hard to read for people with bad eyes of for people working on portable devices in the sun or heavy light. The design itself is however clear and clean. It might show a bit too much information for my personal taste. I think they should have left out the specific details of each file it’s going to rip. This would make the user interface design a bit less cluttered. So I score the design a 7 on 10 it looks good but there is just too much information. Perhaps if they hide some file specific information under a unfold button that the design would be less cluttered.

WonderFox DVD Ripper


WonderFox DVD Ripper is an excellent program that does precisely what it promises; it rips your dvds with incredible speed and quality. The program is very easy friendly and easy to use. The free version however does lack support for other video formats then mpg which is a shame and the design could be a bit less cluttered. Other then those little remarks the program is very good and don’t forget completely free! There is a paid version for those of you who want more features but home users ripping for their Smart TV really do not need it.


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