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Your device is running an older version of Windows 10. Scam or Genuine?

There have been some reports of people receiving the message “Your device is running an older version of Windows 10” when opening Microsoft Edge on their system. In these days of malware and other scams that almost rule the internet, it’s better safe to be sorry and it’s a good thing that you searched if this is a real message by Microsoft or not.

While in most cases it’s a legit message and there is nothing to worry about it’s good to check if your system is really running an older version of Windows 10 yourself.

So how do you make sure the message is real and not a fake one? In this article, we give you some tips to help you make sure the message is real.

Check where the link goes.

In the original message that Microsoft created there is always a link attached to the message. Make sure the link goes to and not another website. Be sure to check the link carefully, there are some links that almost look like or contain it but link you to a malicious website. This is a legit link;

Check the message for grammar mistakes

Microsoft won’t make simple grammar mistakes in their messages and articles. Make sure the grammar used is free of grammar mistakes. if you see grammar mistakes then in most cases the message is fake and cannot be trusted.

Download the latest update by yourself

If you still not sure if the message is real or not, then simply download the latest Windows update by yourself. Simply use the Update feature in your Windows 10 settings menu to receive the latest version possible.

These are just a couple of suggestions to make sure the “Your device is running an older version of Windows 10. Scam or Genuine?” is a real one and not a fake one by people who have bad intentions.

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