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How to Show Full File Path in Windows File Explorer

Windows 10 and Windows 8 show by default the Folder Name in the Title box of the Windows File Explorer. In this small.

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The latest Themes for Windows 8/8.1

As most of you know, you can customise you Windows layout with the use of themes. While there are also other developers creating.

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Add an option to delete all the folder content to the Right Click Context Menu

With the help of this tutorial you can add the option Delete Folder Contents to the right-click context menu which appears when you.

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Windows to OS X Yosemite Skin Pack

Let's say that for whatever reason you don't like to look of your Windows installation anymore, now what can you do. You could.

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TWEAK: Removing XPS Printer and Viewer

Windows has by default the XPS printer and viewer installed on it, the ideology is a bit like PDF from Acrobat. Some users.

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How to Enable Hyper-V in Windows

Hyper-V is a new feature that is included in Windows 8. It allows you to run virtual guest operating systems on your Windows.

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