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How to limit Background Data in Windows 10

If you a commuter and you use your mobile phone as a hotspot or you simply have a metered connection then you want to make sure it’s not all used for background tasks in Windows. Windows 10 offers a method to limit background data to avoid draining your precious data limit.

Limiting your Data Usage in Windows 10

Doing this is very simply and only require a few steps. You do not need special permissions on the system to accomplish this.

1.Open Start and click on the cogwheel or start by typing Settings.

2. Once the settings window has opened choose Network & Internet

3. Then click on Data Usage, once those settings have opened look for Background Data and choose Never

Good to know

  • This feature only limits Windows Store Apps and Windows Features. Installed programs will still do updating in the background, for example; Google Chrome will still update
  • You can also set your Data Limit in Windows 10. Simply follow the steps above till step 3 and click on Set Limit.

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