Add a shutdown button to the Desktop

Useful Tips Windows 7
I always used this tip under Windows 7 and luckey it still works on Windows 8. I never understood why I have to click on start to shutdown my pc. As I’m most of my time working on a laptop, I care a lot about my battery and therefor (beside using the right browser) I turn […]

Windows 8.1 Wallpaper Collection July

Windows 8 works beautifully with a variety of  different photo’s. Thanks to the transparent Windows task bar, your Windows will get a complete different look when using other wallpapers. There are many different options, and it’s up to your own taste which one you like and want to use. If you are not sure how to […]

How to select a new wallpaper in Windows 8

Useful Tips Windows 8
Your desktop background can be a different picture set for each specific monitor, a single picture set for all monitors, or a slide show playing selected pictures randomly on all monitors. In this tutorial we will show you how to select the images of your choice as your desktop background wallpaper or slide show in […]


Troubleshooting Windows 8
Are you getting “LPK.DLL IS MISSING” error? Here is a possible fix! What is LPK.DLL? LPK.DLL is pretty much the language pack DLL for Microsoft Windows Operating Systems. Sometimes it can become corrupted due to malware or software conflicting. The fix First boot into safe mode Turn on computer Hold down f8 and go to […]

Learning: How does Windows 8 Boot?

Learning Windows 8
So you boot your system and think, damn thats is taking forever, we all know the feeling (except for people with a nice SSD). But what is causing this? Except from what people always yell: "You have too much stuff on your system" it's actually because Windows does a lot of things before it actually really boots. In this article I will try to explain what it does, and why it does that.