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  • How-to Disable SmartScreen in Windows by : February 28, 2015

    How-to Disable SmartScreen Filter in Windows 8 / Windows 10 Windows Smart Screen protects you from running Applications from an unknown source which need specific system resources, or applications that try to get access to vital ... Continue Reading

  • FIX: Gadget error "Cannot connect by : February 22, 2015

    FIX: Gadget error "Cannot connect to service". There been many posts about the Weather and Currency gadget for Windows 7 showing this error. The reason for this error is that Microsoft has chosen to terminate the ... Continue Reading

  • How to uninstall programs on by : January 29, 2015

    [section_title title=How to uninstall programs on Windows 8] There are times when you need to clean your computer and remove the programs you aren't using anymore. Or maybe you just installed something which you can't remove ... Continue Reading

  • How to use Cortana in by : January 25, 2015

    Starting today, Microsoft has added it's new intelligent personal assistant to the latest Windows 10 build. But, what is Cortana and how can you use it? The name of the software comes from Cortana, the artificial intelligence ... Continue Reading

  • Show or Hide all Folders by : January 24, 2015

    Show or Hide all Folders in File Explorer Windows 8 and 10 have by default the folders in second layers  of the navigation pane hidden. If you want to show or hide all the folders then this is ... Continue Reading

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