Featured News Previews Windows 10

Download the Windows 10 preview

Finally, Microsoft has released the official download link for the new Windows version. Read our tutorial on how to install the latest update.

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Featured Installation Windows Windows 8

Setup Dualboot installation in Windows

There are many reasons for people to install more than one OS on their computer. Maybe you want to run Linux next to.

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Troubleshooting Troubleshooting Windows Windows 7 Windows 8

FIX: Keyset as register is invalid

Keyset as register is invalid This error can appear in multiple situations and the folder Crypto is causing this error, but the fix.

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Featured Tweaks Useful Tips Windows Windows 8

The latest Themes for Windows 8/8.1

As most of you know, you can customise you Windows layout with the use of themes. While there are also other developers creating.

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Weekly Comic: The Windows loading bar

The author of the windows file copy dialog visits some friends

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Tweaks Tweaks Tweaks Windows Windows 7 Windows 8 Windows Vista

Add an option to delete all the folder content to the Right Click Context Menu

With the help of this tutorial you can add the option Delete Folder Contents to the right-click context menu which appears when you.

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