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How do I insert the word count into my document?

Word by default shows the word count in the status bar on the bottom of the application. However, you might want to add.

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How to determine who last modified an Excel file

If you want to see who last modified your Microsoft Excel file then there are two ways to do this. Which method you.

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How to Setup Google Mail (GMail) in Office 2016?

Google mail is one of the world most popular mail providers. With an easy to use Web Interface and 15gb of free storage.

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Did You Know? Testing your font style

Every website uses it, every document uses it, you use it more then you think; Fonts. It's important to know which font is.

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FIX: Can’t find language dll msain.dll

A common error when starting any office application is "Can't find language dll msain.dll" it's however fairly easy to solve in most cases..

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