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Why is my computer running slow and how do you fix it?

Many people start noticing it after some time, Windows is becoming slow. and start asking themselves Why is my computer running slow and how do I fix it? This has nothing to do with how Windows was designed and Microsoft really can’t help it actually. It’s because of you! But don’t worry you didn’t intend it to become slow, it just happens.

Why does your system become slow? It has multiple reasons but the main reason is bloatware and PUPs (Potentially Unwanted Software) stuff that gets installed with freeware software! Some other reasons are:

  • Malware
  • Too many running processes
  • Too much storage space usage

But how do you solve this and make Windows actually fast(er) again? Well that’s what we going to talk about in this article.


  1. Removing software you never use.
  2. Removing all the PUPs from your system (Adwcleaner)
  3. Removing Scheduled Tasks (Autoruns)
  4. Making sure you’re not infected with any malware
  5. Cleaning Some Space
  6. Conclusion

The next thing left to do is to start! Just hit the next better and let’s get going!


  • ipmisa May 18, 2015

    Many thanks for so useful article.

  • Yuri Pustjens January 18, 2015

    Hello alexcwb

    have you had this problem since you first started it? or did it appear later?

  • alexcwb January 15, 2015

    My new HP Pavilion Beatsauto runs veeeeeeeeery slowly. I have taken the advice above but the speed is still unsatisfactory. ANy help please?

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